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South African Mohair

HANDmade LUXURY by rural women in south africa

Our story 

Marianne's Mohair is a Scandinavian agent for Adele's Mohair, producing a beautiful selection of designer knitting yarns, accessories and home textiles. Made by hand with love. All products are tailormade and available in a range of 95 different colours. Investing in a beautiful, locally made high-end product is one way of supporting a sustainable product. Made by women in rural communities, you can help to preserve and celebrate traditional craftsmanship in rural areas of South Africa, providing artisans with an ongoing income. Because we all need softness.


Mohair is known worldwide as "the noble fibre" or "the diamond fibre" - one of the finest, most sustainable and exclusive natural fibres in the world. Mohair comes from Angora goats that roam on the wide open plains of the Karoo in South Africa, the largest producers of fine quality Mohair in the world. The goats are shorn twice a year. For us it is important to have the knowledge of the origin and source of our mohair products and we only work with the reputable farmers having the certificate of complience, compied with mohair industry sustainable guidelines. The added beauty of mohair is that it is renevable, natural resource, and providing a sustainable production chain between animal and human.


KNITTING products


Adele’s Mohair hand knitting yarns are created with care and passion and made from the finest quality natural fibres. There is a range of 95 colours and 55 colour combinations. We are conscious of the environment, and Adele’s Mohair seek to reuse and upcycle, to create by hand and to add value.

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